Mission Statement

To encourage learning and the development of a positive self-image and to provide a network of support for 4th-8th grade students and their families.

About CYP

About CYP

The Community Youth Program is an after-school and summer program for disadvantaged 4th-8th grade students in Roanoke City. CYP is an intentionally small program with enrollment capped at 35 students. CYP serves children from households with known barriers to academic success. We serve students from refugee families, day treatment students, children from unstable family situations, and children from families with unstable food supplies. 100% of CYP families fall below the 200% Federal Poverty Line and struggle to access food and transportation.


Our goal is simple: healthy, secure kids achieving higher grades with eyes wide open to future potential.

About Us

The Community Youth Program (CYP) is a non-profit after-school program started in August 1998. The concept of CYP became a reality after diligent research, conversations with the community, and finding that Roanoke City did not have many after-school programs serving intermediate and middle school students.

 To address this issue, a group of parishioners from St John’s Episcopal Church started CYP. While CYP is housed in the St John’s Episcopal Church, we are our own non-profit organization and are completely secular (non-religious). 

There is no cost for students to attend, as the program is funded through grants and various fundraisers held throughout the year.

Who We Serve

We serve children from each elementary and middle school in the Roanoke City school system.

 Our primary focus is serving the under-served youth of Roanoke; however, we are open to all students. 

We pride ourselves on being an intentionally small non-profit, in order to have the biggest impact on the children we serve. Our max number of youth that we serve is 35.

What We Do

What the Community Youth Program strives to do: is to cultivate positivity and excellence within our youth – not only do we focus on our students schooling with daily, structured tutoring, but we also focus on the other aspects of growth – such as holistic wellness and enrichment style learning. 

Through collaborative efforts, we work with community partners on a united front to provide exposure to the arts, creative expressions through the medium of dance and maintaining a sense of calm through yoga. 

We also work with community partners in order to prevent risky behaviors and break down barriers to reach student success on every possible level.

Just a few things CYP has been up to recently and over the years!